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EU Mobility Package brings new rules to road transports


EU Mobility Package brings new rules to road transports


The EU Mobility Package was published on 31.7.2020. The mobility package clarifies the previously unclear regulations and unifies their application in various member countries.


The Mobility Package has a significant impact on freight traffic.


Up until now, the minimum wage law has only been valid in selected EU member countries, but in the future it will be the case in all member countries. According to the new regulations, the driver’s minimum salary is defined by the country where he undertakes the employment. In the future transport companies must organise their schedules in such a way, that the driver operating in international freight traffic can return to his home country/country of departure at least every 4 weeks. The drivers’ weekly rest must be held in suitable conditions (no longer inside the vehicle), which the employer must provide for him.

The tachographs will also be required in smaller transport units than now. There have been more specific regulations relating to the home countries of transport companies, which aim to curb the birth and operation of so-called letterbox companies.


These changes are aimed at improving the working conditions of the drivers. The changes will raise the current level of costs in the EU-area.

The situation does not have a greater impact on the operation of NCS Finland OY, as we still use mostly German drivers, unlike the current market trend suggests.


The changes to the drivers’ driving and rest times, as well as those for returning home, will take effect on 20.8.2020. The rest of the changes from the Mobility Package will take effect in February 2022.

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