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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Valid from 24.5.2018


Collection and use of personal data

NCS Finland Oy uses personal data to provide services and manage transportations. Moreover, collected personal data is used for distribution of newsletters and/or other marketing purposes. All our handling of personal data is based on customer relationships and/or customer's or partner's consent.


Personal data collected by NCS Finland Oy is protected in our systems internally by several passwords. All the collected data is essential for our business activities. These kind of personal data are names, phone numbers and email addresses. We do not collect any other information that is not required for our customer relationships or our transports.


On the customers request, we will manually erase the relevant data. Furthermore, we store personal data only as long as it is necessary and will erase them on request.


Data transfer

Personal data is used by NCS Finland Oy only and its subcontractors. Our subcontractors use personal data only to confirm the loading or unloading times, places or the amount of the goods to be loaded. Personal data is not divulged to any other parties.


Contact details

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or how we handle your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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